Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Generic hepatitis C drugs continue to produce high cure rates

Generic hepatitis C drugs continue to produce high cure rates
Keith Alcorn
Published: 24 April 2017
Treatment with generic versions of direct-acting antiviral drugs continues to produce similar cure rates to those reported in clinical trials, Dr James Freeman reported last week at the International Liver Congress in Amsterdam.

Dr James Freeman, an Australian general practitioner based in Hobart, Tasmania, was reporting on the outcomes of people with hepatitis C who imported generic versions of direct-acting antivirals manufactured in India and elsewhere because they couldn’t afford treatment in their own country, or were denied treatment on grounds of cost.

Importation of medicines for personal use is permitted under customs regulations in Australia and the United Kingdom, and many other countries have regulations permitting the importation of small amounts of medicines for personal use or their carriage through customs in personal luggage. The FixHepC buyer’s club provided advice and information on how to do this safely and legally, starting in Australia, but soon responding to enquiries from people in Europe, North America, New Zealand and South East Asia.
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