Friday, November 18, 2016

AASLD 2016 Review - Watch Advances in Chronic Hepatitis C: Management and Treatment

After each conference this blog links to a series of education-related information on important findings related to ongoing challenges of managing and treating viral hepatitis. Listed below are three programs offering a review of key studies presented at the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases 67th Annual Meeting 2016.

Internet symposium at ViralEd - Advances in Chronic Hepatitis C: Management and Treatment
The CME Internet Symposium: AASLD 2016 Expert Review will feature four HCV experts reviewing and discussing key presentations on chronic hepatitis C presented at AASLD 2016. The review and discussion will focus on HCV therapeutic options and developments, including: current treatment and management strategies, algorithms and recommendations; therapies in development; epidemiology; and diagnosis and clinical management of specific patient populations, including HCV/HIV co-infected and cirrhotic patients.

Clinical Care Options - Clinical Impact of New Hepatology Data From Boston 2016*
November 11-15, 2016 | Boston, Massachusetts
Examine Capsule Summaries, download slides, and review analysis by expert faculty on key studies from Boston 2016.
Free Registration Required, click here to register

Conference Coverage AASLD: Practice Point 5 Minute Video Clips
At Practice Point a series of 5 minute video clips highlighting hot hepatitis topics presented at the Liver Meeting 2016 is offered. 
This activity is jointly provided by the University of Nebraska Medical Center,
University of Florida College of Pharmacy
and Practice Point Communications

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