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June Newsletters: The Current State of Hepatitis C Therapy, Pain associated with hepatitis C and More...

June Newsletters: The Current State of Hepatitis C Therapy, Pain associated with hepatitis C and More...

Welcome to this month's collection of newsletters, published by a small group of volunteers dedicated to spreading awareness and information to people living with viral hepatitis. 

The Current State of Hepatitis C Therapy
In the premier issue of; Quarterly Supplement to GI & Hepatology News we are offered a look see at; The Current State of Hepatitis C Therapy, presented by Vandana Khungar, M.D., M.Sc. and K. Rajender Reddy, M.D.
Read an overview of HCV testing, natural history, management and new regimens used for treating both experienced and treatment naive HCV patients.

HCV Advocate has a collection of must read articles this month, including continuing EASL 2015 coverage by Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief. In addition Lucinda K. Porter, RN writes about pain associated with hepatitis C in part 1 of her two-part series. 

Check out this month's selection of blog updates and a few videos as well. 

HCV Advocate Newsletter

The HCV Advocate newsletter is a valuable resource designed to provide the hepatitis C community with monthly updates on events, clinical research, and education. 

New Advocate Colors, and updated Guide to Preparing for Treatment
Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief

New HCV Advocate Newsletter and Website colors—we have a new color scheme for our newsletter that is a preview of the colors for our new website. Our new Website will be launched on September first. We have also combined "Preparing for Treatment" part 1 and 2 into a Guide. 

June Issue:

EASL 2015: Part 2
Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief
In part 2 of our European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) coverage I will wrap up with a brief overview of some of the remaining data including AbbVie’s 2D combo to treat genotype 1b, a study of advanced liver disease found in people who are newly diagnosed, Harvoni to treat genotype 4/5 and Merck’s new therapy to treat genotype 1, 4 or 6. 

HealthWise: Hepatitis C and Pain—Part 1
Lucinda K. Porter, RN
Part 1 of a two-part series Lucinda will discuss pain associated with hepatitis C, including curing hepatitis C, the pain associated with extrahepatic manifestations and the use of painkillers as well as the risks related to painkillers. 

Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief
Read about prevalence and risk factors for patient-reported joint pain, DAA treatment guidance for HIV/HCV coinfected people, and HAV & HBV vaccine rates among young PWID. 

New Viral Hepatitis Numbers from the CDC
Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new estimates on the acute and chronic cases of hepatitis A, B and C. The good news is that the numbers for Hep A and B are leveling off. The bad news is that the numbers for Hep C are continuing to rise. Deaths from HCV and especially the age group that it is hitting is alarming and very sad. 

Patient Assistance
Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief
Are you having trouble with getting the medications? Try the patient assistance programs for information and assistance. 

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Hep is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by viral hepatitis. Offering unparalleled editorial excellence since 2010, Hep and HepMag.com are the go-to source for educational and social support for people living with hepatitis.

Spring Issue:
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Good Vibrations
by Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.
In this issue, find out about the eight major HCV risk factors and other HCV basics, such as how the virus is transmitted and how HCV can be prevented.

Hepatitis C Basics
by Lucinda K. Porter
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes an infectious yet curable disease that attacks the liver and results in numerous symptoms.

Hepatitis C Treatment
by Lucinda K. Porter
Treatment for hep C is easier than ever before. In clinical trials, roughly 95 percent of those who took the newest meds were cured.

Pushing His Luck
by Benjamin Ryan
How one man finally hit the jackpot of a hepatitis C-free life

Hep C Blogs
Greg Jefferys
My Hep C Travel Diary, Hepatitis C Advocate
Last Entry: Hep C Treatment: Minor Side Effects (2015-06-02 06:35:23)
A bit of insomnia. A bit of a loss of appetite, nothing significant but it is noticeable. No head aches or nausea.
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Grace Campbell
A pseudonym for a person living with hepatitis C on Viekira Pak + Ribavirin
Last Entry: Hepatitis C: undetected (2015-06-02 05:32:30)
The email with my results came through today and there it was. Not detected. Two words that mean more than you could imagine.
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Lucinda K. Porter, RN
Author, Hepatitis C Advocate, Health Educator
Last Entry: Extending Hepatitis Awareness Month (2015-05-31 05:54:45)
Today is the last day of Hepatitis Awareness Month. However, hepatitis C is still going to be here tomorrow when the awareness
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Hep Forums
Welcome to the Hep Forums, a round-the-clock discussion area for people who have Hepatitis B, C or a co-infection, their friends and family and others with questions about hepatitis and liver health. Check in frequently to read what others have to say, post your comments, and hopefully learn more about how you can reach your own health goals. 
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The primary goal of the Caring Ambassadors Program is to help individuals with challenging health conditions to become ambassadors for their own health. We are here to help you—that is now and always will be our singular focus.

Monthly Pubmed Review of the most relevant research on HCV
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Weekly News
Weekly news updates are currently posted on the Internet site and sent out via e-blast to provide up-to-date information on what has been covered in the news regarding hepatitis C in the previous week. Topics include all stories related to hepatitis C as well as personal stories and events.

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Liver Lowdown is the monthly general interest e-newsletter of the American Liver Foundation.

In accordance with the Foundation’s mission, the e-newsletter is disseminated to provide information about the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease, as well as the organization’s research and advocacy endeavors.

Liver Lowdown content includes updates about the Foundation’s educational and signature programs; an in-depth focus on specific types of liver disease, and profiles of liver patients’ and caregivers’ personal experiences.

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Navin Vij, a young doctor from Cleveland, only learned that he had hepatitis C four years ago. Fear was his first response to the news. Read how he turned that fear into action.

A study being conducted on fish – yes fish— may lead to new treatments for liver cancer. Discover more about this groundbreaking research by Dr. Andrew Cox, an ALF grant recipient.

ALF supports physician education. Check out our recent CME collaboration with Duke University Medical Center and Medscape. Also, read up on our recent activities, including our attendance of the European Liver Conference and our advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C.

If you are cured from Hepatitis C, when is it safe to drink alcohol? American Liver Foundation's experts weigh in on this topic and many others in recent news articles and media clips. Get educated.

Kale is the new green. This easy and healthful recipe hales from the Hollandhouse Bar & Refuge in Nashville, TN. Try it tonight.

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GI & Hepatology News
GI & Hepatology News is the official newspaper of the AGA Institute and provides the gastroenterologist with timely and relevant news and commentary about clinical developments and about the impact of health-care policy. The newspaper is led by an internationally renowned board of editors.

GI & Hepatology Newsletter

In This Issue
SOPAH study results are in for alcoholic hepatitis
HCV increases general cancer risk
FDA adds warnings to simeprevir label
Adding enhanced MR to CT might improve HCC diagnosis
NAFLD a stealth trigger of hepatocellular carcinoma
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Quarterly Supplement to GI & Hepatology News
The New Gastroenterologist features updates on hot clinical topics, perspectives on post-fellowship career pathways, primers on pertinent financial and insurance topics, inspiring stories from our GI colleagues, and other resources that will be useful to the young GI community.
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In This Issue
The Current State of Hepatitis C Therapy
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HepCBC Hepatitis C Education and Prevention Society

The hepc.bull, has been “Canada’s hepatitis C journal” since the late 1990′s and has been published nonstop since 2001. The monthly newsletter contains the latest research results, government policy changes, activities and campaigns you can get involved in, articles by patients and caregivers, and a list of support groups plus other useful links.

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NYC Hep C Task Force
The New York City Hepatitis C Task Force is a city-wide network of service providers and advocates concerned with hepatitis C and related issues. The groups come together to learn, share information and resources, network, and identify hepatitis C related needs in the community. Committees form to work on projects in order to meet needs identified by the community.

Living with Hepatitis C. Live Bold, Live Now! When Paul was in his early 30s, he often found himself feeling fatigued. Hep C, a virus not well known back in 2001, was silently attacking his body. Watch video

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Updates Around The Web

June Updates
Hep C drug tourism has begun as patients seek Harvoni, Sovaldi overseas..
Reducing the cost of new hepatitis C drugs
An index of articles pointing the reader to the current controversy over the high price of Sovaldi, Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) and AbbVie Viekira Pak.
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Join us Tuesday June 9 for a webinar covering strategies for attaining access to treatment for patients living with hepatitis C.

Oncology Report: ASCO Conference 2015
From @PointofCare, Projects in Knowledge and MedPage Today
Video - ASCO: Nivolumab for patients with advanced liver cancer
Anthony B. El-Khoueiry, MD

AJM Hepatitis C Resource Center - Hepatitis C Blog Presents:
An interview with Dr. Lebovics breaking down the key data presented at EASL 2015.

Topics include;
Continued use of ribavirin in DAA therapies? Is ribavirin really necessary? 
Daclatasvir, Sofosbuvir, and Ribavirin Combination For HCV Patients With Advanced Cirrhosis or Posttransplant Recurrence
What challenges do you think daclatasvir will face should it be approved for use in the US given the current availability of approved DAAs such as ledipasvir/sofosbuvir?
and more...........
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New at Clinical Care Options 
Audio - HCV Experienced Patients: Resistance testing, Cirrhosis and Genotype 3 Infection
Topics In This Webinar Include;
HCV therapy in the setting of renal impairment, resistance testing in DAA experienced patients, and the best approach to treat patients with cirrhosis or experienced patients who have genotype 3 infection.

Video Series - Hot HCV Topics
MedPage Today HCV HOT TOPICS - 10 Day Video Series
Dates: May 18 - June 1, 2015
MedPage Today invited specialists from leading medical institutions to weigh in on the latest advancements in hepatitis C with one question each day for 10 days.

HCV Next
SVR durability using new interferon-free DAAs in comparison to SVR with interferon-based regimens
In this month's issue of HCV Next, Michael S. Saag, MD., writes about SVR durability using new all-oral, interferon-free DAAs in comparison to SVR with interferon-based regimens, noting some experts suggest there may be a difference.

Here is the editorial;The Unintended Consequences of Conservatism
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Healthy You 

ACP Internist provides news and information for internists about the practice of medicine and reports on the policies, products and activities of ACP

Current Issue - June Issue

Changing thinking on chronic fatigue
Changing thinking on chronic fatigue
By Charlotte Huff
A recent report might shed some diagnostic insight on the profound fatigue, unrefreshing sleep, and other nagging symptoms that could indicate myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome.

Warnings on using hep C drugs with amiodarone
By Stacey Butterfield
This update covers combining amiodarone, sofosbuvir, and another direct-acting antiviral for hepatitis C, as well as the approval of a non-invasive test to aid in the diagnosis of gastroparesis.

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Facebook Chat: Answers from a Johns Hopkins Expert
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Are You at Risk for Gallstones?
An estimated 25 million American adults have gallstones, and nearly 1 million new cases are diagnosed each year. Are you at risk? Here's a look at the symptoms of gallstones, how they're diagnosed and treated, and the role of diet in their development -- plus 6 steps you can take to help prevent them.

Of Interest

Before, During, and After Hepatitis C

Inspiring video series : Hepatitis C Personal Stories

Pacific Hepatitis C Network (PHCN)
The Pacific Hepatitis C Network’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations throughout British Columbia to prevent HCV infections and improve the health and treatment outcomes of people with HCV.

One of its projects is the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project your web-based hepatitis C treatment information toolkit for entering into that world and building your understanding about hep C treatment.

This resource contains information and resources about hepatitis C treatment, including:
information about currently approved treatments in BC information about new and emerging drugs and drug combinations for treating hep C information about the drug approval process in Canada and BC resources to help in getting ready for treatment, including stories from people who have been treated.

Share Your Story

The number of treatment stories has been growing during the past 5 years as thousands of people have participated in clinical trials for hepatitis C Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs). As data from these clinical trials continues to emerge, so do the personal treatment stories and experiences of people who have been treated with these new drugs.

PHCN is asking people who have been through these new treatments and who want to share their treatment stories and experiences to do so here.

You have forged the path and now we’re asking anyone who is interested to come back and tell others what the landmarks are – emotions, side effects, support, diet – whatever it was for you. Whatever your treatment stories with new hep C drugs are, if you would like to share it, we would love to hear it and share it on this website.

We can help with spelling and grammar after you submit your piece so, even if they are not your strengths, WRITE US YOUR STORY!!

Sign Up For Our Newsletter; http://www.pacifichepc.org/contact/sign-up-for-our-newsletter

Until next time.

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