Friday, December 5, 2014

Vox performs a checkup on Sovaldi

Vox performs a checkup on Sovaldi

Sarah Kliff delivers a much-needed piece on the $1,000 pill
By Trudy Lieberman

Score one for! The website’s article earlier this week about the costly hepatitis C drug Sovaldi is one I’ve been waiting for since the drug debuted a year ago with its $84,000 price tag and boosterish press coverage. Vox health policy reporter Sarah Kliff knits together the strands of the drug’s journey from development to clinical success to shock at its high price tag and debate over its use and its impact on the healthcare system. She sums up:
Sovaldi is an instructive study in how the American healthcare system allows drugs to become expensive—an incredible, unprecedented, and $1,000-per-pill type of expensive that the country has never seen before. The story of Sovaldi shows the American healthcare system is incapable of fighting back against these prices. 
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