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December Newsletters: Hepatitis C—Past, Present & Future

December Newsletters: Hepatitis C—Past, Present & Future

Hello everyone, welcome to this month's collection of newsletters.

HCV advocate has published another must read issue.  I so enjoy reading HealthWise by Lucinda K. Porter, RN., this month her column is about Medicaid and insurance companies denying treatment access to patients, while exploring how this all came about, plus a look at current research.

Make sure you check out the winter issue of Hep Magazine, read a lovely article by Tim Murphy featuring 10 devoted HCV advocates, including Mr. Franciscus. A big thank you to all the men and women recognized for their hard work. These amazing people have saved lives by providing awareness, prevention, support and education.


The HCV Advocate newsletter is a valuable resource designed to provide the hepatitis C community with monthly updates on events, clinical research, and education

HCV Advocate Newsletter:
December 2014

In This Issue:

Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) conference was nothing short of amazing for the incredible information about hepatitis C (HCV) treatment—the cure rates were in the range of 80 to 100%. The high rates even included people who we would normally characterize as having negative predictors of treatment response—cirrhosis, prior null responders, pre- and post liver transplant patients, genotype 3 and others. In part 1 of our AASLD coverage, we will feature the current drugs to treat HCV as well as some of the drugs in the pipeline.. 

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

December’s "Snapshots" typically features abstracts presented at the recent Liver Meeting. The research presented here was gathered from conference posters, presentations and abstracts. It represents part of the story and unless and until the studies reviewed here are published in peer-reviewed journals, the data and conclusions are considered preliminary. 

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

With this issue, the HCV Advocate completes 17 years of serving the hepatitis C community. When I wrote the first HealthWise column, I still had hepatitis C (HCV). Two failed treatments later, I participated in a clinical trial and am now cured. The medication that cured me, Harvoni (sofosbuvir/ledipasvir) is now available to others with genotype 1. If anyone told me in 1998 that we’d cure nearly everyone with HCV with as little as 8 to 12 weeks of treatment and mild side effects, I am not sure I’d believe it. We have come a long way. 

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HBV Journal Review
December Issue

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Hep is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by viral hepatitis. Offering unparalleled editorial excellence since 2010, Hep and HepMag.com are the go-to source for educational and social support for people living with hepatitis.

Winter Issue: HEP MAGAZINE


We Are the Champions
by Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.
I'm honored to introduce the Hep 10. These 10 men and women are longtime HCV advocates.

The Importance of Confirming Hep C Tests
by Benjamin Ryan
Individuals who test positive for hep C antibodies but who don’t get a confirmation through a genetic screen may fall through cracks in the health care system.

Hep C-Related Liver Disease Differs by Race
by Benjamin Ryan
If you have hep C virus (HCV), your likelihood of developing cirrhosis or liver cancer may be linked to your race.

Success for '3D' Combo in Those Coinfected With HIV
by Benjamin Ryan
Twelve weeks of AbbVie’s "3D" regimen cured 93.5 percent of those with genotype 1 of hep C who were coinfected with HIV, including those with cirrhosis, in a recent Phase II/III trial.

Hep C Is Up in Rural Injection Drug Users
by Benjamin Ryan
As prescription drug abuse leads more Americans on a path to heroin, new cases of hep C are rising among young people in non-urban areas of the eastern United States.

Hep C Treatment Guidelines Prioritize Care
by Benjamin Ryan
The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the Infectious Diseases Society of America have issued a new chapter of their hep C treatment guidelines that instructs clinicians on how to prioritize treatment among patients.

The Hep 10
by Tim Murphy
Meet 10 fierce HCV advocates who are raising awareness about the virus and making sure everyone has access to care and treatment.

The Hep 10 Resources
A list of online hepatitis C resources
Click here to read a digital version of this issue.

December 05, 2014
Viread Effectively Combats Hepatitis B for at Least 8 Years
Viread (tenofovir) is highly effective at suppressing hepatitis B, even after an eight-year period.

December 03, 2014
Hep C Hospitalizations and Related Costs Are On the Rise
Hospitalizations because of hepatitis C have steadily increased in recent years, posing a significant financial burden to the U.S. health care system.

December 01, 2014
FDA Requests More Data on BMS’s Hep C Drug Daclatasvir
The FDA has requested additional data from BMS about the hepatitis C drug daclatasvir’s use in combination with other direct-acting antivirals.

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Liver Lowdown is the monthly general interest e-newsletter of the American Liver Foundation.

The American Liver Foundation is making news on topics including liver wellness, disease prevention, screening and treatment.

This month we focus on primary biliary cirrhosis, an autoimmune disorder that commonly strikes people between the ages of 35 and 60. A leading liver specialist answers our readers’ frequently asked questions. We welcome your thoughts and comments and invite you to share your experiences.

At age 32, New Jersey resident Carolyn Evans was diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis, a startling diagnosis for a woman so young and healthy who had no family history of liver disease. She shares her brave and remarkable story here.

There is always a lot going on at the American Liver Foundation. During the last month, we weighed in on liver transplant organ allocation, hosted an awards gala, held liver health and wellness seminars and hosted several Flavors and Liver Life Walk events throughout the country. We welcome you to join us.

The American Liver Foundation is making news on topics including liver wellness, disease prevention, screening and treatment.

Looking for a delicious recipe to try tonight? We have one for you! Have a recipe to share? We would love to hear from you.

ALF hosts a number of events throughout the year to support liver disease awareness. Check our events calendar and find one to participate in.

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The hepc.bull, has been “Canada’s hepatitis C journal” since the late 1990′s and has been published nonstop since 2001. The monthly newsletter contains the latest research results, government policy changes, activities and campaigns you can get involved in, articles by patients and caregivers, and a list of support groups plus other useful links.

In This Issue
CDEC - Recommendations for Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents (DAAs) for Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC) Genotype 1
HepCBC News

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The primary goal of the Caring Ambassadors Program is to help individuals with challenging health conditions to become ambassadors for their own health. We are here to help you—that is now and always will be our singular focus

December 2014 Literature Review
Monthly Pubmed Review of the most relevant research on HCV


Caring Ambassadors is excited to announce the release of Hep C Discussion Point™.  Try this free powerful and interactive online tool for people living with hepatitis C !

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GI & Hepatology News is the official newspaper of the AGA Institute and provides the gastroenterologist with timely and relevant news and commentary about clinical developments and about the impact of health-care policy. The newspaper is led by an internationally renowned board of editors.

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View DDW 2014: The AGA Report: PDF | Interactive Issue

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The New York City Hepatitis C Task Force is a city-wide network of service providers and advocates concerned with hepatitis C and related issues. The groups come together to learn, share information and resources, network, and identify hepatitis C related needs in the community. Committees form to work on projects in order to meet needs identified by the community. 

December 2014

Highlights In This Issue
Finding alternatives to opioids for service members and veterans in pain. Heller scientist Mary Jo Larson wins $3 million to evaluate alternatives to highly addictive prescription painkillers. BrandeisNOW. See info on Hep C in Vets.
Russell Simmons. Mind, Body, Green.

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I’d be wealthy if I had a dollar for every time someone with hepatitis C complained about their medical care and wrote, “Sorry to be ranting, but I am so frustrated.” My reply is, “Stop apologizing. It’s OK to rant. Please everyone, rant away. Get it out of your system.”

Hepatitis C Treatment: Advocating for Yourself
By Lucinda K. Porter, RN
I am cheating this week, and posting material written by a Hep Forum member. I asked her if I could publish it because I think it is practical and useful, and I want people who are trying to get hepatitis C treatment to have this information. It was written by Elizabeth Faraone, who advocated for herself, and just started treatment. 

Posted on December 7, 2014 by asknod
This is my first day post-Sovaldi in the 168-day treatment regimen

Paul Sax, M.D. 
A little spin around the internet brings us these ID/HIV tidbits, all of them designed to go well with holiday music, egg nog, and potato pancakes, plus a can’t-miss video clip: Flu vaccine match with circulating virus doesn’t look so great. This could mean it’s going to be a tough flu season, but estimates of flu season....

There is something glorious about vegetable juice and protein shakes for a healthy liver. Glorious? Yeah, it deserves that description. I don't expect any of you to be doing a high leg kick while knocking back your Wonder Juice. That's ok. I'll do it alone. I do know that many of you share my love of shaking up a meal. Maybe a shimmy dress would be more appropriate.

Dental Care
By Joe Burke
Those living with Hepatitis C and/or HIV can develop multiple oral hygiene related issues stemming from improper dental care. Issues ranging from mouth ulcers to the gum disease gingivitis, an irritation and inflammation of the gum line are prominant. People living with Hepatitis C are prone to tooth decay, suffer loss of self-esteem due to poor oral aesthetics and have difficulty with diet due to poor oral health, all leading to a compromised quality of life. An effective preventive care program for a patient diagnosed with HCV is critical and should be an important goal for the dental practitioner.

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A monthly newsletter from the National Institutes of Health, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

If you’re feeling stressed out over supposedly fun things—like holiday gatherings or vacations—it might be time to reassess. Learning healthy ways to cope with stress may help your health. Read more about stress and health.

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