Friday, November 21, 2014

Irish Medical Times: Early access no cure-all for HepC

Early access no cure-all for HepC
Dara Gantly on the pressure to provide full access to powerful new treatments.

It is not often we hear the word ‘cure’ mentioned in the development of a new class of drug, but the direct-acting antiviral (DAAs) agents for people with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) have that exact potential. Indeed, this revolution in treatment could mean the ‘eradication’ for the condition. The only barrier to achieving this will be the ability to access and afford these new therapies. The ‘US$1,000 pill’ tagline has, as you might expect, caused quite a stir among healthcare funders and media alike, with some experts describing the costs of the drugs “as breathtaking as their effectiveness”.

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  1. It is disgusting that in America we have to carry the burden for the whole world...We do all the Research and then we have to pay through the NOSE for all our DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!