Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free Access: Overcoming the roadblocks in HCV, Facts and fictions of HCV and comorbidities and More....

Good morning folks, looking to catch up on some HCV reading? The Journal of Hepatology is open access this month, check out the highlights below, in addition download EASL Recommendations on Treatment of Hepatitis C 2014.

Journal of Hepatology

This state-of-the-art collection has been produced by leading experts in the field covering all the important aspects of hepatitis C.

Twenty-five years following the discovery of the hepatitis C virus, the Journal of Hepatology brings you a comprehensive overview of the milestones in basic science and clinical developments and highlights the remaining challenges in the prevention and treatment of HCV infection.
Koen Vercauteren, Ype P. de Jong, Philip Meuleman
Thomas F. Baumert, Catherine Fauvelle, Diana Y. Chen, Georg M. Lauer
Clinical Course
Erin Gower, Chris Estes, Sarah Blach, Kathryn Razavi-Shearer, Homie Razavi
Published online: July 30, 2014
Rachel H. Westbrook, Geoffrey Dusheiko
Yujin Hoshida, Bryan C. Fuchs, Nabeel Bardeesy, Thomas F. Baumert, Raymond T. Chung
Nathan Ford, Tracy Swan, Peter Beyer, Gottfried Hirnschall, Philippa Easterbrook, Stefan Wiktor

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