Friday, October 24, 2014

Hepatitis C Weekend Reading: "Not without a fight Kim!" A Mothers Story

Good day everyone, hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Tomorrow I begin a new chapter in my life, I'm moving across the state, only five minutes from my children and grandchildren. Here comes trouble!

I am so grateful to be healthy, after watching Kim Bossley share her story today on Second Opinion, I was reminded this morning of just how fortunate I am.

* I successfully treated HCV soon after being diagnosed in 2000 

Kim's Story and The Bonnie Morgan Foundation
Kim's story begins with her mother, Bonnie Morgan, who suffered with kidney disease since birth. Later in life when she needed a kidney transplant, Bonnie's mother Ruth proved to be a suitable match, the transplant was a success. Against all odds, three years after Bonnie's transplant, she gave birth to Kim, a mothers dream came true. Tragically, sometime later Bonnie found out both she and her child contracted hepatitis C through an earlier blood transfusion. The story continues, but should be read firsthand at The Bonnie Morgan Foundation, Co-Founded by Kim Morgan Bossley, in honor of her mother.

Full Episode 
PBS Program - Second Opinion
Kim Bossley on New York City's PBS show, Second Opinion. In addition Kim has published many wonderful articles online at

Thank you Kim for being such a strong voice for everyone living with and battling hepatitis C.

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