Monday, January 6, 2014

Watch: Sovaldi Hepatitis C Drug - Price And Profit Discussed

Published on Jan 5, 2014

Federal regulators this month opened a new era in the treatment of a deadly liver virus that infects three to five times more people than HIV. Now the question is: Who will get access to the new drug for hepatitis C, and when? The drug sofosbuvir (brand name Sovaldi) will cost $1,000 per pill. A typical course of treatment will last 12 weeks and run $84,000, plus the cost of necessary companion drugs. Some patients may need treatment for twice as long."

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Hello folks,
I wanted to point out the panel stated prior to the FDA approval of Sovaldi there was no cure for HCV - only treatments.  Oh my, obviously before Sovaldi we had a cure for HCV, click here for a timeline and the origin of viral hepatitis. I was cured with standard therapy back in 2000, still virus free today.

FDA approved drugs to treat hepatitis C 

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