Friday, January 3, 2014

Ask the Expert: Liver Cysts, Liver Lesions, and Liver Hemangioma

Robert Goldstein, MD, FACS, director of the Liver and Pancreas Disease Center answers common questions about liver cysts, liver cancer and lesions in three "Ask the Expert" videos.

Liver Cysts  
A cyst is a small, fluid-filled sack. On the skin, it's usually considered a harmless blemish patients may or may not have removed.

What about cysts on the liver?

Are they dangerous and how are they removed?
Liver Lesions
Dr. Goldstein answers common questions about liver cancer and lesions, including types of liver cancer, symptoms and the wide range of treatment options available to patients at Baylor. 
Liver Hemangioma  
What is a liver hemangioma?

Is it something you need to worry about?

Dr. Goldstein discusses this benign condition and when it should become a concern for patients and health care professionals. 


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