Thursday, July 11, 2013

Video Vignettes -Current Outlook On Hepatitis C Treatment

When a new learning activity pertaining to HCV is released online this blog provides readers with background information and links to the new video, article or CME.

The Doctor's Channel released a four part video series last month offering key information for anyone considering triple therapy. Sofosbuvir is also included in the series, as is the future of HCV therapy. Highlights of the four part webcast are provided below.

Unfortunately like any CME it requires a quick free registration. Before each webcast participants will be prompted to complete a few pre-test questions. Rather the questions are answered correctly or not will not interfere with viewing the presentation. Although, I know the majority of you reading this will answer them all correctly.

Click here to register, and here to view the webcast.

The discovery, development, and availability of direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) offers new treatment options and the possibility of improved outcomes for newly diagnosed patients as well as those who have experienced a relapse or failed to respond to previous treatment. However, their use introduces new challenges and adds to the complexity of HCV treatment and care. With rapid advancements in the field and new agents offering potential improvements in outcomes, shorter treatment durations, and unique adverse event profiles, clinicians must stay informed of the evolving data in order to counsel patients appropriately—in particular, those who may wish to discuss the benefits and risks of initiating therapy now vs delaying treatment. This program will consist of a series of four video vignettes presenting interviews with clinical experts who will explore some of the most pressing issues in the management of patients with HCV.

Evolution-of-SOCPart 1 
The Evolution of SOC in HCV 
What Have we Learned about Starting Therapy Today?

Discussed Topics
The biggest surprises after the approval of Telaprevir and Boceprevir

Side effects:
2-Drug to drug interactions
3-Fragility of patients with more advanced disease
Integrating Triple Therapy8:20
Part 2
Integrating Triple Therapy into Practice
What are the Issues?

Discussed Topics
1-Adherence to therapy
2-Patient selection
3-Who should be treated now versus waiting
4-Updating the patient during therapy
5-Modification of ribavirin
6-Patients with advanced fibrosis
Treating Special Populations8:45
Part 3
Treating Special Populations with HCV
What Works? What Doesn't?

Discussed Topics
1-Decompensated liver disease
2-Patients with cirrhosis, transplant recipients, and patients who are coinfected with HIV.
3-Examine clinical data about the safety and efficacy of investigational HCV treatments and the risk-benefits of treating now versus waiting
Whats Coming Pipeline9:17  
Part 4
What’s Coming Up the Therapeutic Pipeline?
Will They Change the SOC?

Discussed Topics
1-Genotype 1 Sofosbuvir + Interferon + Ribavirin
2-Genotype 2 and 3 Sofosbuvir + Ribavirin
3-Which patients will benefit from interferon-sparing drugs
4-Off label usage/ mix and  match therapy
5-The future of HCV therapy


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