Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EASL 2013- Tips For Viewing Hepatitis C Abstracts

Hi Folks
Here are a few tips for viewing all those much anticipated abstracts at this years - The International Liver Congress 2013.

The meeting begins on April 24 but the public can view all abstracts beginning today. Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the Abstract Book.

1-Begin by clicking here.

2- Located in the corner of the Itinerary Planner are two buttons, click on the Itinerary button

After clicking on the Itinerary button a pop-up will appear prompting an email address and password, fill both in - The password will be sent to your email address.  

3-Once logged in you will see your empty personal itinerary. To get started click the Search button.

A pop-up will appear as seen below - fill in your search criteria


Type in the following to get you started - See example below

Search - Viral Hepatitis C Abstracts, the name of an abstract, or experimental drug

In Presentations - (check) - Search in presentation number and title and abstract text if available

In the last box marked Abstract Topic

Click the arrow of the drop down menu to view a list of presentations
Click on a presentation 

Sample - Viral Hepatitis C:c Clinical (therapy) has been selected

Abstract Topic
A Few Other options:

Viral Hepatitis C : a. Experimental (virology)
Viral Hepatitis C: b. Clinical (except therapy)
Viral Hepatitis C:c Clinical (therapy)
Viral hepatitis C: d. Clinical (new compounds, resistance)

Click Search

The following will appear


POP UP will appear, simply click on the abstract and view it.

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