Friday, July 13, 2012

Geno 1-4: Hepatitis C Drug Development Goes from Pony Ride to Rocket Launch

2012 pipeline report launched in Washington: HIV, HCV, TB, PEP, cure and vaccine research.

On July 21- 2012 HIV i-Base (U.K.) and Treatment Action Group (TAG) (U.S.) released their new comprehensive "2012 Pipeline Report"

The report is ready to view at the new website launched today by "TAG"

For the HCV community, there is a particular article in the report written by Tracy Swan and Karyn Kaplan you won't want to miss;

Hepatitis C Drug Development Goes from Pony Ride to Rocket Launch.
The in depth report includes some of the following topics; HCV drug resistance, DAA drug-drug interactions, nucleosides and nucleotide polymerase inhibitors, HCV protease inhibitors, the next generation of drugs, HCV quad therapy, SVR-4 ,SVR-12, interferon free therapy, ABT-450/r, ACH-1625, BI 201335, bms-650032, bms-790052, Danoprevir, genotypes 1-4, GS-7977 Formally/PSI-7977, GS-9256, Lambda, MK-7009, TMC435 and much more....

The 2012 Pipeline Report: HIV, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), and Tuberculosis (TB) Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines, and Preventive Technologies in Development by Polly Clayden, Simon Collins, Colleen Daniels, Nathan Geffen, Mark Harrington, Richard Jefferys, Coco Jervis, Karyn Kaplan, Erica Lessem, and Tracy Swan is available online at:
and as an interactive web report at:

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