Sunday, May 13, 2012

EASL Video Highlights-BMS-790052/BMS-650032 Also PSI-7977 PROTON and ELECTRON

Happy Mothers Day!

A special heartfelt Mothers day goes out to all the ladies who are burdened with the challenge of living with HCV.  Taking care of a family requires exuberant energy which at times can be difficult when living with this disease. The fatigue is unbearable and the constant worry that this disease will hinder the ability to raise our children is enormous.

May this Mothers day be filled with special moments, and lasting memories.


EASL video presentations

Today, I am once again pointing readers back to "ViralEd " and their coverage of the 2012 EASL meeting which took place last month in Barcelona (Spain). The site is great source for easy to understand information, although like any site offering continuing medical education (CME), it requires a free quick registration.

For anyone newly diagnosed with HCV understanding key data on the many HCV drugs in development is nothing less then overwhelming.

For me, the coverage of the March EASL at ViralEd is, well, enjoyable. Maybe not as enjoyable as breakfast in bed on Mothers day; that is if you get breakfast in bed. I'm still waiting to hear those three little words; Happy Mothers day. These days my kids communicate online through the social network or by text messaging. So I wait,  hoping to get tagged in a photo on Facebook, or maybe a text asking grandma to babysit. Anyhow, the entertaining video discussion format at ViralEd is less clinical, and easily digested.

Below on the blog are just a few EASL video abstracts from ViralEds "Expert Poster Review and Discussion" presentation.

Please consider viewing the complete program -"The 47th Annual EASL: Advances in Chronic Hepatitis C Management and Treatment" Unless the kids call and ask you out to lunch; I'm still waiting for my call. Not to worry its early in the day, I'd call them but for some reason they screen their calls.

Another video on the blog today was published on May 7 by , the EASL video talks a little about last months meeting, with a mention of interferon free therapy and the field of hepatology.

I wonder if I should send my eldest a text message ? I'll wait, one of my three kids will call.

*The data presented at the EASL should be considered preliminary until it has been reviewed and published in a peer-reviewed publication.

EASL 2012 Poster Program Abstract 14

Dual Oral Therapy with the NS5A Inhibitor (BMS-790052) and NS3 PI (BMS-650032) in HCV Genotype 1B-infected Null Responder or Ineligible/Intolerant to Peginterferon/Ribavirin

I watched both videos, and still no Happy Mothers Day text or any photo action on Facebook.

Poster/Presentation Listing @ ViralEd

Published on May 7, 2012 by


A video of prominent EASL members who generously dedicated precious time to the EASL film crew onsite in Barcelona to talk about key elements of the congress and the ever moving field of hepatology.

Shut the front door ! I just received a call from one-of my- three children, so off I go to enjoy Mothers day. So happy I sent that text!

Happy MOM !

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