Sunday, May 13, 2012

3Peaks4HCV - Reaching The Summit For Hepatitis C Awareness

Hepatitis C is a life changing disease peppered with life altering moments; both good and bad.

For Peter Moore, like so many people with HCV, the virus silently took up residence in his liver for 10 years before his diagnosis.

The symptoms of hepatitis C manifest slowly overtime, the majority of people afflicted live with the virus for years, unaware they are infected.

The importance of awareness and early testing is essential in preventing the risk of developing liver damage. Early detection of the disease will give physicians and patients the opportunity to discuss lifestyle changes or possible treatment options.

Peter Moore is the embodiment of a “no nonsense” outlook. It’s easy to say that this focus and drive contributed to his success in fighting hepatitis C, not once, but twice.

The second time he decided to undergo HCV therapy he had grave concerns for his son, not himself. Anyone who has lived with or treated a serious disease understands that their family will share in their trials and tribulations. For many, this proves to be the most adverse effect this disease has to offer.

However, in October of 2009, fueled with determination, Peter began his second battle with HCV. Plagued by depression with exercise as his only relief, together he and his son endured another twelve months of treatment. Over the course of HCV therapy the duo slowly ascended ever closer towards success. In March 2011, the summit had been reached; Peter was able to tell his son he was virus free. Although, this was just the beginning, they would soon see there were many more summits to be reached, summits of a less figurative nature.

Peter is embarking on a HCV awareness campaign unlike any other; he will be spreading the word from atop three peaks spread across the British Isles.

The summits are once again the goal, trekking up mount Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in England and Ben Nevis in Scotland. In doing so Peter will raise awareness for hepatitis C and with your help he will generate funds for the Hepatitis C Trust in London.

The event: “3Peaks4HCV” will take place on world hepatitis day, July 28th.

Donations for the event are being accepted through the "Just Giving Program" with all funds going directly to the Hepatitis C Trust. Please visit Peters page and consider making a contribution, your donations will make a difference.

Registered charity number 1104279
On JustGiving since Sep 2005
About our charity
The Hepatitis C Trust is the national UK charity for hep C. It was founded, led, and run by people with personal experience dealing with hepatitis C. We work to deliver a whole range of services including awareness and testing, advocacy and support, with the ultimate goal of preventing unnecessary deaths.

For anyone interested in taking part in this ambitious awareness campaign please contact Recently, Peter was mentioned in an update published on the Hepatitis C Trust website: Peter Moore is looking for walkers to join him on the 3 Peaks Challenge in July.
The western flanks of Pen-y-ghent
Peter is diligently working to involve other organizations to join his "3Peaks4HCV" campaign. In February he contacted Mr. Anthony Nevens a case manager at Compass asking him if their organization would be interested in taking part, the answer was yes.

Members at Compass will be joining in by climbing the (Yorkshire) Three Peaks for HCV awareness on world hepatitis day.

Compass is a leading national provider of services to tackle problem drug and alcohol use, delivering 25 services across the UK. Each year the organization sees more than 15,000 people, helping each towards a stable and sustainable life, free from dependency. Peter is honored to share the "3Peaks4HCV" awareness banner with the awe inspiring organization.

A message from Peter:
"I once tweeted... Hepatitis c now killing more people than HIV, shout it from the rooftops. Well I aim to do better than that on the 28th July world Hepatitis day, we will be shouting a number of fact based HCV related messages from the highest points up and down the country. We also want others to do likewise, by reaching the top of a peak in any country and help relay our messages around the world. We will be beacons of hepatitis C awareness, using one of the oldest means of communication combined with the most modern, only our beacons will be Facebook and Twitter."

As you can imagine this is a huge physical undertaking. Follow Peter as he trains through his Facebook page or contact him on Twitter.

Tina Banwart
HCV New Drugs


  1. Good one! Sharing on my Facebook page in San Diego.

  2. Hello tina,

    I'm pleased to let your readers know that we achieved the 3 peaks as we had planned. Compass met up with us on World Hepatitis day & together we hiked up Scafell Pike. Thank you for writing this great article about us.