Monday, August 15, 2011

Medical marijuana; 50 in Yuma County apply for state medical marijuana

Medical marijuana advocates to announce funding
An advocate for medical marijuana in Maine plans to announce more than a million dollars in funding later today. The Kennebec Journal reports Northeast Patients Group got a $1.6 million loan from a new organization from Delaware. The group hopes to open up a new dispensary with the money from the loan.Medical marijuana advocates to announce funding
Monday, August 15 2011, 07:09 AM EDT

First results of 2011 Medical Marijuana Survey posted

Gradi Jordan, Salt Lake City Medical Marijuana Examiner
August 15, 2011 -

The 2011 Medical Marijuana Survey (sponsored again by Legalize Utah) commenced last week and the responses are educational and interesting, much like the 2010 survey. To date 23 responses have been received, 14 from men and 9 from women. All of the results are available via live stream at this link.
The age of survey participants show a majority of age 30 and above and the ethnicity shows a majority of Caucasians, however Hispanic and Asian respondents are also represented.

For some, pot soothes the pain

On Friday, Kerry O'Keefe walked the dusty half mile from his Oildale home to Sweet Relief, a medical marijuana cooperative, hoping to ease his pain.
"It goes from my legs up to my neck," he said, waving his hand across his body. "If it weren't for marijuana, I'd feel like this all the time."

At the counter, O'Keefe pointed to a bud-filled orange saucer, a variety called OG Kush that's marketed for a strong, "body high." With bladder cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, and mental health problems, O'Keefe, 45, said he needs the potent drug.

Kern County residents like O'Keefe said last week's unanimous decision by the Board of Supervisors to close collectives like Sweet Relief would rob them of medication for serious ailments, forcing them to seek marijuana on the streets. Along with helping some physical symptoms, they say the marijuana helps calm them and ease the debilitating stress of mental illness

A Growing Debate
Marijuana's medical use is the subject of much controversy, as well as at the center of a growing national debate. In July, the federal government ruled that the drug has no accepted medical use, a long-awaited decision that advocates are expected to appeal. And, among the medical community, there are widely differing opinions about the extent of marijuana's health benefits, and its role in treating mental disorders. ...continue reading...

50 in Yuma County apply for state medical marijuana

Since the Arizona Department of Health Services began accepting applications for medicinal marijuana on April 14, more than 8,700 residents, including 50 in Yuma County, have applied to receive the cards authorizing them to legally possess and grow marijuana.To receive the cards, patients must first obtain a written certificate from a licensed Arizona doctor confirming they have one or more of the qualifying conditions in the program such as cancer, AIDS, hepatitis C, etc.“All doctors that fall into four categories are able to certify for (medical marijuana),” said Laura Oxley, ADHS director of communications. “Allopaths, which are your normal MDs, homeopaths, naturopaths and osteopaths can provide a physician's rights certification to their patients they believe will benefit from it.”...continue reading..

Michigan legislators seek changes to marijuana law

By TIM MARTIN Associated Press
7:50 a.m. CDT, August 14, 2011
LANSING, Mich.— Prompted by an abundance of pot-oriented shops, confused law enforcement officials and numerous legal disputes, some Michigan lawmakers are planning a major push to change or clarify a voter-approved state law allowing marijuana to be used for medical purposes. New bills are being drafted for introduction to the state Legislature within the next few months, joining some that already have been introduced. The bills would require stricter doctor-patient relationships before a patient could get authorization to use the drug and likely cut down on the number of marijuana dispensaries in the state...continue reading...

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