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Misconceptions Surrounding Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Volume 12, Issue 6

Misconceptions Surrounding Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Nayantara Orekondy M.D.
Sheila Eswaran M.D.
Pages: 154-159
First Published:02 January 2019

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In this article, we hope to dispel common misconceptions of HCC to improve the care of patients at risk for and diagnosed with HCC.
Misconception 1: Only Patients with Cirrhosis Need to Undergo Surveillance for HCC
Misconception 2: Liver Biopsy is Necessary to Diagnose HCC
Misconception 3: There is no Curative Therapy for HCC
Misconception 4: Patients with HCC are not Transplant Candidates
Misconception 5: Palliative Therapy does not Improve Survival in HCC

Misconception 6: No Effective Systemic 

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