Tuesday, November 6, 2018

HCC recurrence rates do not differ after interferon vs. DAA therapy

HCC recurrence rates do not differ after interferon vs. DAA therapy 
November 6, 2018
Hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence rates and patterns did not differ between patients who underwent interferon-based antiviral therapy for hepatitis C and those who received direct-acting antiviral therapy, according to a recently published study.

“With the development of direct-acting antivirals (DAA), patients with a history of HCC can achieve a high sustained viral response (SVR) rate with favorable tolerability,” Mizuki N. Kinoshita, MD, from the University of Tokyo, and colleagues wrote. “However, a high rate of early tumor recurrence has been reported in patients with a prior history of HCC treatment who were starting DAA treatment, for which we have presented counterevidence.”
Read More: https://www.healio.com/hepatology/hepatitis-c/news/online/%7Be554943e-f94f-4688-8069-fe88a24f854b%7D/hcc-recurrence-rates-do-not-differ-after-interferon-vs-daa-therapy

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