Monday, November 27, 2017

Listen To The Health Report - Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease & the brain

Today on Health Report, a radio program based in Australia, host Norman Swan interviews Sudha Seshadri, lead author of a study investigating an association between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with total brain size. The program clearly points out what you need to know about fatty liver disease, very interesting.
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Program Summary
November 27, 2017
Fatty liver disease and your overall brain volume
When fat's deposited in the liver, it triggers metabolic changes — and the brain's not immune from those changes, as a new study indicates.

In the research, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease was associated with a reduction in total brain volume. That could have implications for your risk of stroke or dementia.
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"Fatty liver can be prevented by conducting appropriate lifestyle and diet," Weinstein added. "In turn, if one retains a healthy liver, his/her risk for other diseases, such as diabetes and heart diseases, is also reduced. In this study, we show that keeping a healthy liver may also be linked with a healthier brain."

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