Thursday, June 22, 2017

Listen Or Watch: Mark Sulkowski, MD discuss current treatment options for all HCV genotypes

Managing Chronic Hepatitis C in the Primary Care Setting: Best Practices From Screening to Treatment

Source: PeerView CME/CE Audio Podcast - Gastroenterology

Listen to Mark Sulkowski, MD discuss HCV screening, diagnosis, noninvasive tests for assessing liver fibrosis and current treatment options for all HCV genotypes (1-6). Although this podcast and online CME is aimed at clinicians the use of clinical vignettes make it easy for patients to understand.

Either listen only to the podcast or click here to access the complete two part presentation. The second part of this learning activity will discuss: A Closer Look at Current Recommendations and Options for the Treatment of HCV. Topics include HCV guidelines, liver disease staging "FibroTest" and treating HCV according to genotype.

Pick Me
I highly suggest you choose the patient friendly online learning activity, the program is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. The user can skip through any part of the program by clicking on the "next" button located in the upper right hand corner of the presentation.

Managing Chronic Hepatitis C in the Primary Care Setting: Best Practices From Screening to Treatment
Activity Overview
Join us for one of the live, in-person meetings we will be carrying out at state chapters of the AAFP. A nationally recognized expert will review age-based and risk-based HCV screening recommendations, approaches to diagnosis, optimal treatment and counseling strategies for HCV-infected patients, and the parameters that warrant referral to specialist care.

Activity Description
Enormous progress has been made in recent years toward effectively treating and curing patients with chronic hepatitis C. However, at least half of the possible 7 million individuals infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the US remain undiagnosed. The formidable task of increasing the number of patients diagnosed, and subsequently linked to appropriate care has fallen to primary care clinicians. In this activity, the guest speaker will address the challenges encountered by primary care clinicians faced with the increasing societal need to screen for HCV and make appropriate diagnoses. The importance of counseling patients regarding current HCV treatment options will be examined, and the guest speaker will also provide a discussion focused on identifying HCV-infected patients who can be managed in primary care versus those requiring linkage to specialist care.

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