Friday, May 26, 2017

New Hep C Treatment Not Linked to Liver Cancer

Summary Of  Available Data:

New Hep C Treatment Not Linked to Liver Cancer
by Liz Highleyman
Contributing Writer, MedPage Today

Contrary to some earlier research, most recent studies see no association between response to DAAs and HCC

Most Researchers Find No Link
The Barcelona group stood alone among several other research groups presenting at the EASL meeting that did not see an increased risk of HCC after taking into account other factors including liver disease severity:
  • Etienne Audureau from Henri Mondor University Hospital in Paris reported that lack of SVR -- not the type of treatment -- was the strongest predictor of liver cancer in cirrhotic patients; older age, alcohol use, and impaired liver function also predicted HCC
  • Hamish Innes from Glasgow Caledonian University said that HCC risk following SVR was associated with baseline patient risk factors, but not DAA use; in a multivariate analysis, HCC risk was similar for patients treated with either DAAs or interferon
  • Dong Ji from the Hong Kong Humanity and Health Medical Center in Beijing reported no increase in HCC incidence among patients cured with DAAs compared with interferon
  • Masaaki Korenaga from Kohnodai Hospital in Japan said that SVR after treatment with sofosbuvir/ledipasvir (Harvoni) led to a reduction in HCC incidence, similar to the drop seen in patients cured with interferon
  • Vincenza Calvaruso from the University of Palermo in Sicily reported no increase in the development of new HCC among patients who achieved SVR with DAAs, compared with those cured with interferon

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