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HCV Weekend Reading - The Changing Landscape of HCV Treatment

HCV Weekend Reading - The Changing Landscape of HCV Treatment

Hello folks welcome to yet another gorgeous weekend, hope you didn't work too hard this week.

We begin with a few articles written by your favorite bloggers, followed by two learning activities covering an array of HCV topics.

Blog Updates

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired
By Daryl Luster - September 10, 2016
If I have said it once I have said it a million times, and although that might be an exaggeration, it sure feels that way sometimes. You may have said it too,...

Why People with Hepatitis C Should Stick to a Low Fat Diet for Liver
By Jenelle Marie Davis - September 9, 2016
What does the liver do? Although the liver interacts with many of the organs in the abdomen, the liver has three main jobs. The first job is that the liver cleans the...

I Don’t Feel Like It with Hep C
By Karen Hoyt - September 8, 2016
There are times when you just don’t feel like doing something. It may be something important or something small. When you’re not in the mood, it feels like a burden. I personally...

By NVHR Staff
Unfortunately, hepatitis C remains endemic in many African countries, and countless African immigrant and refugee community bear the burden of these silent epidemics. 

Has hepatitis C ever left you feeling stuck?
By Matt Starr
I spent the better part of the last decade with physical and emotional pain from hepatitis C and advanced liver disease. I remember, during a post-transplant emotional descent, how all my trials seemed like they were causing too much worry and trouble for my family and loved ones. I began to think that just ending it all would be best for everyone.

When government block's access to care...
By Greg Jefferys
Sweden and the Ukraine have not much in common, one is a poor ex-Soviet nation struggling with getting democracy working properly the other is a wealthy western nation with a long history of democracy.

It's a year since I took my last lot of tablets. A whole year.
By Grace Campbell
This morning a memory popped up on my Facebook feed from this time a a year ago. It was a link to a blog entry here called "One Day More". I had written it when I had one day left on Viekira Pak, the drug that cured me.

Australian news coverage exposes corruption
By Greg Jefferys
In Australia right now there is a lot of news coverage about some politicians who were getting payments from property developers through a fake "not for profit" organisation. One politician was getting payments from a Chinese company with close ties with the Chinese government. Some of these politicians are facing criminal charges because we all know that property developers only give money to politicians to gain favours.

Do You Forget Your Daily Hepatitis B Antiviral? Why We “Forget” Our Meds, and How to Improve Compliance
Your daily antiviral pill can save your life when you have liver damage from chronic hepatitis B. Entecavir or tenofovir (Viread) quickly reduce the amount of virus in your liver and the damage it causes.

Off The Cuff

Exercise can cancel out the booze? Association ≠ causation
What the study, in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, stated was “We found a direct association between alcohol consumption and cancer mortality risk.”  And – repeat after me –  association ≠ causation.  So a statement of causation – such as “exercise can cancel out the booze” – is an overstatement.

Why don’t more doctors apologize for their mistakes?
A recent JAMA article about disclosing medical error described a hypothetical situation involving a dermatologist who, after completing skin biopsies on two patients, discovered that the instruments had not been sterilized. He wondered if he should tell the patients and what he should say.

Updates Around The Web

Featured in this edition of Weekend Reading is a learning activity that provides a window into current medications used to treat HCV, testing, availability, drug-drug interactions and other issues related to treatment. Although the CME is aimed at health care professionals and maybe a bit clinical the video modules were easy to follow. The three part program; The Changing Landscape of HCV Treatment is available for your viewing pleasure over at ViralEd.  Follow the links provided below to view the program; with a few suggestions for your consideration

Main Menu - Three Part Program
Click here to launch the full three part program  

Index - Part 3
HCV Management And Treatment Clinical Practice Videos
Ten video presentations, each covering a critical phase of HCV management and treatment.

HCV  Management Pre-Treatment
What's In, What's Out
Fibrosis and Non-invasive Fibrosis Test
Basic Labs
Health Care Provider - Getting HCV Therapy Approved

Selecting The Best HCV Therapy: Genotype 1

Selecting The Best HCV Therapy: Non - 1 Genotype 
Genotypes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Monitoring Patients On HCV Therapy
Key Information Needed To Decide How To Treat A Person With HCV

Menu - List of all ten videos here.

Index - Part 2
Case-Based Panel Discussions;  case-based panel discussions that review and discuss current clinical data and practice strategies in HCV treatment; a great discussion about Genotype 3

Index - Part 1
Thought Leaders Interviews; Thought leader interview featuring a variety of backgrounds and practice approaches in HCV management and treatment.

Begin here....

In June "ViralEd" also released "HCV Virtual Patient" an easy to follow video CME with a look at different case scenarios. This activity is a helpful starting point for people who failed treatment, have cirrhosis or want to learn more about current treatment options for various HCV genotypes. After each video module participants can either answer the questions, or click on Curbside Consult.

The Weekly.Bull
For over a decade HepCBC a Canadian non-profit organization has published an incredible monthly newsletter offering awareness, personal stories and basic information about HCV. Recently the highly successful newsletter has been retired, here is The Final Edition of the hepc.bull, however without fail a new publication "The Weekly.Bull" will continue to serve us well. Here is the first issue; What Do You Say? written by C.D. Mazoff webmaster and managing editor at HCV Advocate.

In Case You Missed It

Resistance to HCV Treatment Can Still Be a Challenge
The treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus has been revolutionized by the development of direct-acting antivirals, but a small fraction of patients do experience resistance and treatment failure

Illinois expands Medicaid access to hepatitis C drugs
The Sun Herald-59 minutes ago
Illinois is allowing more hepatitis C patients on Medicaid to access drugs that can ... According to state data, 12,000 Illinoisans covered by Medicaid had hepatitis ...

5th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users
INHSU 2016 brings together research from around the world to address this issue, forming evidence-based recommendations for the optimal management of Hepatitis C in substance users. 
The full conference program, with links to abstracts, is available online

Coverage - HIV and Hepatitis
INHSU 2016: Effective Antiviral Treatment Reduces Fatigue in People with Hepatitis C
Fatigue -- a common symptom among people living with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection -- is associated with liver inflammation and fibrosis, but antiviral therapy that leads to a cure significantly reduces the likelihood of fatigue, according to a Danish study presented at the 5th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users (INHSU 2016) this week in Oslo

Coming Soon

EASL- AASLD Special Conference
New perspectives in hepatitis C virus infection - The roadmap for cure
EASL will live stream the upcoming HCV Recommendations session to take place in Paris, France, on Thursday 22 September 2016. If you can't travel to Paris, you can still take part online!

Abstracts released for the upcoming European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) Special Conference
View Now

View All Updates: Conference Reports

Enjoy the weekend!

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