Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gilead Responds to WZZM 13 News: Disagreed with the conclusions of the senate report

Hepatitis C patient: '...Price gouging was a crime, or isn't it?'
Lee VanAmeyde

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (WZZM) -- Drugs that are almost 100 percent effective in curing Hepatitis C are so expensive, many patients are unable to get them...

Some private health insurance companies refuse to cover the drugs, and Medicaid has resisted paying for them. Officials contend that to provide the drugs to all patients that need them could bankrupt the health care system...

After being diagnosed with Hepatitis C 14 months ago, 62-year-old Sherry Baribeau was told there was a cure, but unless she could pay for it herself, it was probably not available to her....

Gilead Sciences, Inc.'s statement to WZZM 13 News:
Gilead appreciates the importance of making healthcare accessible for all. We believe we were cooperative and transparent in our response to U.S. Senators Wyden’s and Grassley’s inquiry, and we provided the Senators with key internal documents and information so that they could understand all relevant details related to our pricing decisions. While we appreciate the Senate Finance Committee’s attention to this issue, we respectfully disagree with the conclusions of their report.
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