Saturday, January 30, 2016

Looking For A Hep C Price War? Merck Just Started It

Looking For A Hep C Price War? Merck Just Started It
Jan. 29, 2016 12:29 PM ET
About: Merck & Co Inc. (MRK), GILD

If the sector wants signs that the drug pricing debate is having an effect on new launches, look no further than Merck & Co’s (NYSE:MRK) new hepatitis C pill Zepatier. The New Jersey group says it will charge $54,600 for the three-month course of medication, a significant discount on the list price and probably even the off-invoice charge for its main rival, Gilead Sciences’ (NASDAQ:GILD) Harvoni.

Assuming further rebates, Merck’s combination of grazoprevir and elbasvir could come within a price that cost-effectiveness assessors estimate is sufficient to justify paying for treatment of all patients, not just the sickest. The emerging price war confirms the sellside’s belief that 2015 was hep C’s peak year.

Merck ushers in price war for hepatitis C medicines with new drug 
JANUARY 29, 2016
By comparison, the list price for the Harvoni drug sold by Gilead Sciences is $94,500, while AbbVie charges $83,300 for its Viekira Pak for 12-week regimens. List prices, however, do not reflect any rebates, which can vary. Despite receiving such partial refunds, though, many insurers and government health programs have restricted coverage of these treatments in order to contain costs.
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  1. I have just completed my trial with the new Merck drug. It was easy to take with minimal side effects, i felt significant improvements in my overall mental clarity and vitality about 6 weeks into this trial. I was NDT after 4 weeks post but unfortunately was detected at week 8 post, so unfortunately i am one of the 1%. I am hoping that Merck will allow me to trial again with maybe Ribavirin for a little longer to hopefully eradicate this illness once and for all.

    The drug worked just my virus for some reason was resistant.