Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Reading At Healio - Lifting the Brain Fog: HCV and Depression in the DAA Era

Lifting the Brain Fog: HCV and Depression in the DAA Era

Good afternoon folks, in search of something to read this weekend? Take a look see at this month's issue of "HCV Next," just published over at "Healio."

If you only have time for one article, rummage around the cover story. Experts weigh in on the topic of depression associated with chronic hepatitis C, and what role newer HCV regimens play in alleviating the all too familiar symptom.

In the current generation of direct-acting antiviral agents, a new wave of data is showing that, apart from remarkably high 12-week sustained virological response rates, novel treatments are demonstrating effectiveness in reducing depression and depressive symptoms in HCV. However, whether they will prove to be a cure for depression remains to be seen. The clinical community is attempting to untangle the physiological and treatment-related effects of HCV on the neurocognitive system in the DAA era.

Enjoy the article, until next time.

"HCV Next" offers information on a range of topics, which include diagnosis, new combination therapies, side effects, drug/drug interaction, guidelines, fatty liver disease and more.

Table of Contents
5 Questions
A Conversation with Paul J. Pockros, MD

The Big Picture
Staying Current on HCV: A Summary of Recent Updates to the Guidelines
Sujit V. Janardhan, MD, PhD; Nancy S. Reau, MD

The Take Home

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