Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Karen Hoyt: Your Best Friends Guide To Hepatitis C

HCV Advocate Karen Hoyt

Meet the creator of; Your Best Friends Guide To Hepatitis C, Karen Hoyt, an inspirational woman, HCV advocate, and author who is living with hepatitis C and cirrhosis. Karen embraces life with an infectious spirit she generously shares online with you, her friends. With her blog Karen has created a safe haven for anyone living with this sometimes cruel and unpredictable illness. Exuding pure devotion Karen gently guides us through each HCV test, symptom, and every emotion this disease has to offer.

In addition to her blog, IhelpC.com, a series of four exceptional videos appropriately deemed "True Champions" featuring Karen were recently launched by HealthiNation. If you haven't seen them you're in for a treat. 

True Champions: Hepatitis C Videos

In each of these video segments Karen takes us on an incredible journey beginning with her own battle with HCV.  In the video "Advocates" Karen interviews author Lucinda Porter, another loved and respected HCV advocate who has educated our community for over a decade. 

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