Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Academy Of Hepatitis C Presents-1st Annual Cyber HCV Awards

The Academy Of Hepatitis C Presents

The 1st Annual Cyber HCV Awards

In the spirit of the Academy Awards, this overzealous blogger thought the HCV community deserved an award show of their own. Sit back and enjoy the 2013  impromptu almost live 1st Annual Cyber HCV Awards.

The Academy has voted in both categories, Oldest HCV Advocate, and Best Author. The results are sealed and on their way to the event.

Unfortunately, presenters along with our winners were unable to attend tonight's gala presentation. With great admiration this blogger is pleased to present and accept the highly prestigious award in their behalf.

Please join me in presenting our first award for ....

Oldest HCV Advocate 

The award goes to....

Cyber audience claps with excitement

Editor-in-Chief, Of HCV Advocate, Alan Franciscus

Bio with photograph montage flashes on the screen, music begins

Mr. Alan Franciscus founded The Hepatitis C Support Project (HCSP) in 1997, the next year the HCV community was presented with the first HCV Advocate newsletter.

 In 1998 the HCV community was in need of quality of information, HCSP gave us what we needed when the HCV Advocate Website was launched. Today, with numerous direct acting antiviral combination therapies in the pipeline, patients need an easy format to reference. Not to worry folks, patients can stay current by visiting HCV Advocate's News & Pipeline Blog.

In 2013 HCV Advocate along with their devoted staff continues to educate the 130–170 million people worldwide living with the virus. Thank you Alan Franciscus for over a decade of education, fact sheets and support.

I know, I'm excited too! Yes, our winner has been around awhile, but hes still hot in San Francisco.

Please join me in presenting our next and final award for.....

Best Author

The award goes to...........

The cyber audience may be surprised with the following unexpected announcement

This year the HCV Academy is pleased to announce two lovely female winners.

Backstage Gossip
Both women were up for "Oldest Advocate" however, because of our guideline in regard to age qualification, the two much younger contenders were excluded.

Once again the award goes to.....

Cyber audience jumps to attention - clapping with enthusiasm

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of HIV and Hepatitis, Liz Highleyman and Author of Free from Hepatitis C, Lucinda K. Porter, RN.

Bio with photograph montage flashes on the screen, music begins

Liz Highleyman is a freelance journalist, medical writer and strong advocate for patient education. The celebrated author was named editor-in-chief of in February 2011. The authors work focusing on hepatitis C is offered in numerous educational materials published by HCSP, additional publications by Liz are available online at POZ, NAM, and The Body - to name a few. Please visit HIV and Hepatitis  for an in-depth look at her extraordinary accomplishments.

Bio with photograph montage flashes on the screen, music begins

Lucinda K. Porter believes almost anyone can endure hepatitis C and its treatment with the aid of strong support and accurate information. Lucinda, a former clinical research nurse at Stanford University Medical Center's Hepatology division, is a strong advocate, speaker, and author of Free from Hepatitis C. Lucinda underwent HCV therapy not once but twice, as a patient herself the reader quickly connects with the author while reading Free from Hepatitis C. Since 1998 she has given us hope, and information through her monthly columns published in the HCV Advocate. Lucinda's publications can be found in Liver Health Today, the Union and the San Jose Mercury News. Recently, her blog has been featured online at HepMag.

Almost A Second Award Goes To Ms. Porter

In a recent TEDx event our accomplished speaker took the stage to discuss baby boomers, awareness and hepatitis C. The Academy would like to extend an honorary award to Lucinda K. Porter, RN for her performance, however, because we are short an award - its highly unlikely.

Inside Scoop
We are awaiting the publication of her new book, coming in 2013

Please join us next year when we expect to extend the show to include one new category!

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