Sunday, January 22, 2012

Off Topic- 6 Devices That Could Change the Standards of Medical Care

Dr. David Agus, author of "The End of Illness" and oncologist for the late Steve Jobs, says not only can we do better, but we can do it through changing the way we analyze the human body and using more advanced technologies. After spending years conducting research and clinical studies at various medical centers across the country, Agus wrote his book as a guide to how we can personalize health care. 

Together, "Nightline" and Dr. Agus developed a medical "lab of the future" -- a group of advanced machines, tests and technologies Agus says could help slow the onset of illness or even prevent some diseases entirely. 

Dr. Agus offers a timeline for when he suggests these devices and tests will likely be standard in medicine – some even in your homes – in the next decade. His theory is that we should be proactive, not reactive about our health. To do this, the future of medicine must become personalized.
It remains to be seen if the following practices will be implemented at doctors' offices and hospitals on a wider scale, though some are used today. Dr. Agus also recommends that you consult your physician before undergoing certain tests.

View Slideshow of all devices here

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