Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hepatitis News:Salmonella Outbreak

People have been sickened in 15 states and the District of Columbia with salmonella tied to tainted alfalfa sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts are known to have a history for causing salmonella outbreaks. Personally folks when eating out I skip the alfalfa sprouts at the salad bar, and refuse to purchase them from the grocery store. The press release : CDC Salmonella Outbreak Spreads To 16 States - December 29, 2010

The Tiny Greens sprouts have been "preliminarily linked," in the FDA's lingo, to a big outbreak of salmonella that has so far sickened nearly 100 people, mostly in the Midwest. See the map of cases put together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Another outbreak Of HAV in West Virginia - 11 People Confirmed.
Officials with the Cabell-Huntington County Health Department in West Virginia have increased the number of reported individuals infected with Hepatitis A to 11, including children and adults. Thus far the agency has vaccinated 236 people as part of two free vaccinations clinics. To date, no source for the outbreak has been identified..
A special clinic was held on Tuesday, December 28th at Chestnut Grove Fellowship Hall on Barkers Ridge Road from 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM. This clinic was held to educate and vaccinate those community members who are currently at risk. Vaccine was offered free of charge for those children and adults who attended the clinic. The health department is currently working to identify ALL potential contacts. Persons recently exposed (within 2 weeks) to a confirmed case of hepatitis A should receive prophylaxis (vaccine or immune globulin) and it is available for adults and children. If you or your child is a potential contact you will be contacted by a health department official.
Additional information pertaining to HAV. .
If you haven't see HIV and Hepatitis Top Tep For 2010 you may want to check it out.
Over at Medscape is a full data report on HIV-HCV Co-infected Patients With Low CD4+ Cell Nadirs are at Risk for Faster Fibrosis Progression and Portal Hypertension "In patients coinfected with hepatitis C and HIV, when is the most optimal time to begin treatment?"
Drink your OJ folks, @ Medpage OJ Lowers Diastolic BP in Healthy Volunteers
"Drinking orange juice -- or a control beverage plus a flavonoid prominent in citrus fruit and thought to be cardioprotective -- had beneficial effects on diastolic blood pressure and microvascular reactivity, a small study found."
. .
Liver Cancer News @ Medical News Today Vicus Therapeutics Announces Initiation Of Phase 2 Trial To Evaluate VT-122 In Patients With Liver Cancer Receiving Nexavar
"Vicus Therapeutics, LLC, announced the initiation of a Phase 2 trial evaluating VT-122, a novel investigational combination of etodolac and propranolol, and Nexavar® (sorafenib) tablets, as a potential new treatment."


Health News
Because a significant proportion of people with Hepatitis C also have arthritis I added this video on RA from Medpage.

NPR had a nice show yesterday on health reform : The Year In Health Care Policy: A Topsy-Turvy Ride.

In case you missed it

You look like you got your liver from your father:

From Weird Science

Most of the traits we inherit get passed on in the form of the sequence of bases in our DNA. But some of that DNA undergoes chemical modifications that can also be inherited (a process called imprinting). And lately, we've been finding more and more cases where this can do something unexpected: allow the inheritance of an environmental influence. In this latest case, male mice were raised on a low-protein diet. That influenced the imprinting of the genes that they passed on to their offspring, which ultimately got translated into changes in the expression of those genes. The end result was that the livers of the next generation showed elevated levels of genes involved in lipid metabolism. So, you are what you eat, but might also be a little bit of what your dad ate, too.

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