Thursday, September 30, 2010

Support: Hep C Chat And Message Boards

Do you need support and someone to talk too ?
The chat and message boards at Janis and Friends
are filled with people waiting to help you.
Talk to people who are on treatment and understand
how difficult it can be. At J&F some members are on therapy or waiting
to begin, while others are waiting to treat a second time.
There are also members at the forum who are unable to treat and
living daily with HCV.
If you enter chat wait a few moments and someone will come
along to talk to you or leave a message in the forum and let them
know you are there.
Otherwise chat times are from 8:00Am - 10:00 Am (EST) Mon-Fri
Click Here To Post Messages Or Chat.
If you have any questions click here to email the host:
Helpful Links:
Click Here To Enter The Chat Room

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