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Transcript HCV Drugs - Achillion and Idenix presents at Oppenheimer 24th Annual Healthcare Conference

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Both, Achillion and Idenix  presented at Oppenheimer 24th Annual Healthcare Conference, transcripts are available over at Seeking Alpha , below is an excerpt from each presentation.

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Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ACHN) Oppenheimer 24th Annual Healthcare Conference

Transcript December 11, 2013 1:35 PM ET

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So digging a little deeper into the individual characteristics of the compound in the portfolio, I will start out with ACH-3422 which is the NS5B polymerase inhibitor. For the overall characteristics of ACH-3422, this compound is a novel nucleotide prodrug of a uridine analog and there are certain advantages for selecting a uridine analog over say [Indiscernible] analog. These are advantages come not only in terms of safety but also the high efficacy that is associated with uridine analog.
3422 is highly specific for inhibition of HCV polymerase. It does not inhibit any of the human DNA or RNA polymerase. It is potent and specific for hepatitis C and has demonstrated pan-genotypic activity and a high barrier to resistance as one would anticipate with a nucleotide prodrug. In terms of the pharmacokinetic and metabolism of 3422, we see rapid conversion of prodrug to the monophosphate in microsomes as well as in hepatocytes. The half life of the triphosphate that is generated is/are greater than 24 hours indicating that the drug has potentials for once daily dosing for the preclinical studies that we have done so far. We have completed 14 days safety studies. We have obtained high exposures of the triphosphate in the liver in these studies and so far all the non-clinical data that we have supports our continued development into the clinic. 
If we compare the potency of ACH-3422 to Sofosbuvir across different genotypes, what we see is that the potency of 3422 is at least comparable to or better than the potency of Sofosbuvir. We have compared the potency in genotypes 1a, genotype 2, genotype 3 and genotype 4 and especially in genotype 3, we see a significant improvement in the potency of 3422 as compared to Sofosbuvir.

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Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at Oppenheimer 24th Annual Healthcare Conference (Transcript)

So, going directly to our lead nucleotide prodrug candidate – this is IDX21437. This is a next generation uridine nucleotide prodrug currently in phase one to clinical testing. This trail has started in Canada. We announced this I think a little over a month ago. And this is a compound that in vitro has demonstrated potent Pangenous [ph] activity. And that we seen very impressive – liver triphosphate levels generated in dibo.  
So, this gives us some confidence that in the human, in the clinical trial – we’ll see nice anti-viral activity. We’ll need to see the data before we can draw any hard conclusions on that but at least we like what we see pre-clinically at this point. 
And, really, that was the basic for discussions around the collaboration with Johnson pharmaceutical around our Helix One and Helix Two combination drug acting in our viral trials. 
So, a little bit about those trials. This is the collaboration with J&J, it’s a non-exclusive HCV collaboration. Helix One is about putting two drugs together. So, our NS5A, inhibitor, Samatasvir and their pro-agent inhibitor’s recently been approved but the generic name for this, simeprevir, and then Helix Two is about putting three drugs together – which is Samatasvir, simprevir and then they have a ritonavir boosted non-nucleotide inhibitor which I’ll just call O55, it’s got a long name, but we’ll just call it O55 for now.

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